Caran Precision’s array of metal stamping equipment and deep draw processes give us unmatched versatility in the industry. We produce parts from high volumes of intricately-detailed stampings with close tolerances to lower volume orders with meticulous quality. Caran Precision can stamp, form, and draw shapes from a variety of materials, such as stainless steel, copper, carbon steel, zirconium, Inconel and aluminum. Our strong engineering power and our constant reinvestment in technology have propelled us to the top of our field in metal stamping and deep draw.

Small Part Stamping

Caran Precision supplies lighter gage stampings for smaller parts ranging from .005 to .050 in thickness for a variety of applications. We have the right machines and people to stamp out both low- and high-volume orders on time and within your tolerance requirements. Whether progressive or single-hit, blanking or coining, each piece will be handled with the utmost care and precision.

Large Part Stamping

For the stamping of larger parts, Caran Precision has presses with higher tonnage capability. We have over 50 different presses with capabilities of up to 400 tons and 120” bed capacity to produce components in material thickness of .050 to .150 inches in close tolerances. Our larger stamping services also include: Progressive, single hit, draw, reverse drawing, ironing, and coining.

Deep Drawn Parts

Caran Precision is your shop for deep drawn parts. Deep draw stamping is when a part is drawn into a die cavity and the depth of the recess equals or exceeds the minimum width of the part. Deep drawing requires radial tension and tangential compression to form flat sheet metal blanks into hollow vessels in a variety of straight or curved shapes. Our state-of-the-art equipment will draw and redraw these parts to increase their lengths while maintaining wall thickness.