Caran Fuel Cell Technology

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Caran Precision is a leading precision metal stamper and assembler to the fuel cell industry, as well as serving the high precision / high results industries.

We are innovative, experienced, adaptable, and technically competent. We listen and produce innovative solutions. We combine prototype development with an acute understanding of the scale up of production requirements aimed at optimizing cost advantages for you, the client.

What Caran Has Done For Others

Caran Precision took the lead in developing the use of metal stamping with exotic metals to the power industry with a particular focus on components for nuclear reactors, fuel cells and related power storage and production units.

We led the way in applying metal stamping to the munitions, pyrotechnical, auto safety and air bag systems and related industries as well as developing innovative assembly cost reductions options. In addition, Caran Precision has applied its unique understanding of exotic metals, stamping capabilities, assembly skills and cost reduction to substantially reduce the customer's cost per performance.

Why Consider Metal Stamping?

Metal stamping applied to fuel cell applications provides substantial cost advantages. In addition, working with metal is less fragile than graphite or ceramics and is much more conducive to major production scale up.

Design to Mass Production?

By utilizing Caran Precisions' design assistance you can lower your design and production costs related to fuel cells and other stamping needs. We can provide prototype designs and products are forward looking to production scale up.

We are innovative and can assist you in edge of the envelope thinking. We can add performance features to your designs and
show you ways to reduce your assembly costs. Finally we are available to work with you and will be happy to prove we can save you money.




Caran Precision serves its global customers from modern facilities in Fullerton, California. Serving customers around the globe, Caran has particular strengths in its location and support of Mexican, Pacific Basin, and Asian customers.

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Caran Precision capabilities extend from Light and Heavy Gage Stamping, Burst Disks & Cups, Deep Drawing, Welding & Assembly, Tubing, Engineering, Tooling, Intergrated Manufacturing, Quality, and Metallurgical Laboratory.

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Anything you need - Caran Precision can stamp. By consolidating multiple components in single stamped parts, we have been instrumental in replacing expensive impacted and machined parts with precision stamped components.

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