Power & Energy

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Caran Precision has been providing unique engineering and design stamping capabilities for the nuclear industry since the beginning. Today it is a leader in stamped and drawn spacers, fasteners and assemblies. Caran Precision has lead the way through unique automated assembly and quality systems to be the premier stamper to the nuclear industry.

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Oil and Gas

Caran Precision is a leader in stamped components for the Oil & Gas industry. It manufactures and assembles stamped components for down-hole fracturing, stamped gaskets for pipeline application, stamped burst disks, stamped and drawn cups and a multitude of other metal stamped applications.

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Fuel Cells

Caran Precision is a global supplier to the power industries with particular emphasis on the nuclear and fuel cell areas, calling for novel and cost effective applications. The company has a strong materials engineering design group, laser welding and assembly strengths and is a leader in cost reduction through improved product design and assembly applications. In 2007 at the Hanover Messe Caran Precision will be showing novel costs effective stamping applications with particular emphasis on bi-polar plates.

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Caran Precision is a global supplier of metal stampings for fasteners, connectors and related assemblies for the Solar and alternative energy markets.

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Caran Precision is a global supplier of stamped and assembled components for the Coal and similar extraction industries. It produces metal stampings and assemblies for blasting caps, metal stamped gaskets for pipe and similar assemblies as well as a host of other metal stampings and assemblies.




Caran Precision serves its global customers from modern facilities in Fullerton, California. Serving customers around the globe, Caran has particular strengths in its location and support of Mexican, Pacific Basin, and Asian customers.

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Caran Precision capabilities extend from Light and Heavy Gage Stamping, Burst Disks & Cups, Deep Drawing, Welding & Assembly, Tubing, Engineering, Tooling, Intergrated Manufacturing, Quality, and Metallurgical Laboratory.

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Anything you need - Caran Precision can stamp. By consolidating multiple components in single stamped parts, we have been instrumental in replacing expensive impacted and machined parts with precision stamped components.

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